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Data Protection Notice & Privacy Statement

 (i)     Data Protection

Global Insurance Management Limited considers that protecting personal information including sensitive personal information, is very important and we recognise that you have an interest in how we collect, use and share such information. This information will be processed in accordance with Data Protection Acts and principles and in compliance with any code(s) of practice issued by the Data Protection Commissioner. We invite you to review this Data Protection Statement, which outlines how we use and protect that information.

You have the right of access to the personal data held about you by Global Insurance Management by sending a written request to Global Insurance Management, Data Protection Officer, 7th Floor, Eaton House, Eaton Road, Coventry, CV1 2FJ.

 You also have the right to require us to correct any inaccuracies in the information we hold about you.


 (ii)     Use and sharing of information

Global Insurance Management Ltd will share information for the purpose of providing the cover and services you requested with AXA France Ltd and any other relevant insurer. The information that you provide to Global Insurance Management Ltd will be held on a computer, computer database, e-mail, imaged documents, files, telephone recording and letter and/or in any other way. We shall not disclose personal information without your consent except in limited circumstances as permitted or required by law. We may share personal information with service providers for the purpose of providing and servicing the products you have purchased from us or in the course of handling claims.


(iii)     Consent

 We will use this information to:-

     i.     Administer and process and products/ services you have purchased from us,

     ii.    Administer any future agreements we may have with you,

     iii.    Manage or process any claim notified by you or by a third party and

     iv.     For client services, research and statistical analyses

When administering your insurance contract(s) and handling claims, we may request details and carry out searches for the purpose of verifying your identify and the commission of any offence by you or any insured person under the contract of insurance. In these applications, you explicitly consent to the processing of your details for these purposes.


(iv)     Telephone recording

We may record all telephone calls in order to ensure accuracy in the communications of instructions to us. We may also record telephone calls for training, prevention of fraud, complaints and to improve customer satisfaction. Our recordings shall be and remain our sole property.


If you have any further questions, please contact Elaine Parker, Data Protection Officer via


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