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Our Solution

A Truly Compliant Solution

Global has redeveloped its product portfolio to ensure that all our products meet the requirements and guidelines outlined in the ABI documentation in full.

Each of our products have been developed to be clear and concise in their cover, with fully transferable options including top-ups to protect dealer/retailer commissions.

Where refunds are concerned, many providers and retailers will be concerned about the very real problem of paying refunds to eligable customers. Global are very proud that our longstanding relationship with AXA Insurance (UK) plc has enabled us to provide our customers with products which protect their margins, as well as their own customers interests.

There will be no debit back on any of our products, we simply absorb the cost of the refunds ourselves, meaning our partners don't need to worry about the refund bills, or their margins being soaked up when consumers have the right to a refund.

Our solution protects your compliance, your business and your profits. It's that simple.

Get ahead of the curve, and ensure you have no financial exposure on Warranty or GAP products. All you have to do is sell the products compliantly with the help of our dedicated training packs and let us take care of the rest.






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